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Archie Breaks In The New Guy

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As the camera rolls, Ian and Archie sit together, ready for their interview. Ian is wearing a red zip-up hoodie, while Archie sports a blue tank top. Having just turned 22 years old, Ian is new to this line of work. Archie has a big smile on his face as he talks about a summer fling that didn't quite go according to plan. A discussion starts on women and safe sex practices. Ian chimes in with his opinion on older women, while Archie answers questions about how he's done many gay porn performances and never had any problems. However, after he had hooked up with a woman recently, he ended up with an STD scare. This was upsetting for Archie because it caused him to miss out on some work opportunities.

Both guys are cleared for this performance and it's decided that Archie will top in the scene while Ian will bottom. Ian strips down to show off his assets namely, his fat cake butt which Archie finds admirable. Ian also comes equipped with a 7.5 inch cock. Next Archie removes his clothes to show off his impressive package and perky ass cheeks. The contrast between silly Archie and reserved Ian is emphasized when they interact.

The two practice kissing for their upcoming scene, their lips meeting in a tender moment. As they continue to prepare for their performance, the anticipation builds as the audience waits to see what these two sexy guys have in store for them. Stay tuned as new boy Ian earns money for college by bottoming for Archie.

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