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Archie Calms Harrison's Nerves Before The Scene

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Achie is going to break in the new guy, Harrison Todd. Learn more about Harrison in his Getting to Know interview on his model page. In short, this sexy newcomer is a young 23 years old who identifies as bisexual. He has had sexual experiences with guys, and being turned on by men, he is very excited to see what the porn star lifestyle is like.

While Harrison is a total vers, Archie is willing to do it all but would rather top. Since the bottom is going to get $1500, Harrison volunteers (a bit enthusiastically) to get out of his comfort zone and get a cock up his ass. He's used a dildo, gift from a fan, and it may be a little different feeling. But for the most part, Harrison is going to be ready to take it good from Archie. The new guy also hasn't felt the pleasure of getting rimmed. Fortunately for him, Archie loves rimming and will be thrilled to give Harrison his first experience.

Outside of the bedroom, the conversation turns to celebrity crushes and nerdom. Harrison's type leans towards nerdy guys and bimbo girls, and Archie completely agrees. The boys keep talking and showing off their conversational chemistry as they chit chat and small talk. Yet, Harrison always seems to find his way back to the kinky, sexy preferences that he is here to explore.

First time shirtless on screen, the sweet Harrison gets to take off more and more until he teases members with his tighty whities and then nice cock and ass. Archie takes a closer inspection before he declares that he is ready to give Harrison all he's got. To make it official, he shows Harrison what he's packing, and he is impressed by the thick Sicilian sausage that he will get to play with.

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