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Brody And Archie Before The Scene

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When quizzed on the Saturday cartoons, Brody may not be your trivia night god. But when it comes to peak physical performance, he's hard to beat. Archie and Brody get tested on their Gen Z knowledge, including what a dial tone is and how to use a typewriter. The old soul Archie seems to know a lot from being raised by his grandparents in the middle of nowhere.

His favorite music is Nirvana, grunge and metal. While he won't say he's a 'fan of everything,' his music preference definitely spans the decades. As does his pop culture knowledge. Archie's adorable smile accompanies his upbeat attitude, and he is ready to take the stage for the first time with Broke Straight Boys. Bottoming today, Brody has gotten to know his top Archie, and they are willing to kiss and rim to get acquainted.

In fact, Archie promised he knows how to rim really good. He likes doggy, and enjoys jackhammering the most. This straight (maybe bi-curious), bubbly kid can make payday to recover from his poor, young-kid decisions. If he delivers on that rimming, maybe he will ern $1000. And if he totally shows up in a surprise fuck-boy way, there's a big $1500 in it for him.

As always, Brody's ass is fantastic, and members get to be reminded if they happened to forget. And don't miss the sneak preview of newbie Archie's very nice cock and balls!

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