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Johnny Hayes

Johnny is one of our models that we have travel around the country going to different events sponsored by Broke Straight Boys. I had him stop in the studio when he had some down time from traveling so that we could get him on camera to show the members. Almost every weekend he goes to a different city to promote the site, and one of the big questions people want to know is if Johnnys straight, or gay? He said hes straight and has a girlfriend. She knows what he does as far as going to the gay bars and events, but thats it. We talked more about him going to the gay bars, and he said that its not that bad. He just hangs out, and has a good time. People will offer him money to go home with them, but hes never interested because hes not gay. He said it would be different if he was in a straight bar and a girl walked up though. His part at the events is to mingle with the guys in the bar, and then to dance and put on a show when its time. Each state is different with its laws, so occasionally he only can take off his shirt. Other times he and the other guys jerk off on stage.

He was in the studio to do a solo jerk off and to show his dick to everyone. I told Johnny that I would pay him $200 to do the shoot and he was kind of bummed. We talked about it and I told him I would pay him the same as going to an event. He seemed ready to go after he heard that. The first thing he had to do was start getting undressed for us. Starting with his shirt, he stripped it off and there on his bare chest above his pec was the temporary Broke Straight Boys tattoo that we have. Sliding out of his pants, I told him to leave his boxers on for a moment. While he stripped I found out that his dick is around 7 and half inches hard, hes 5 foot 10, and has a shoe size of 11. Turning to the side, I had him show his butt. Pulling his boxers down a little to show his buns, it was time for them to come all the way off. When he was completely naked I stood behind him to see that he truly did have a nice ass. Bubble butt for sure! It had bounce to it, and he had the little dimples above his cheeks.

Johnny was going to jerk off for us and I told him to just give me a warning when he got close to cumming. While I turned on the porn for him to watch in the background, Johnny reached behind the pillows to the floor to grab lube and the stuff he needed to get off. Starting in the laying down position, he jerked his dick to work on getting it hard. I asked when the last time was that he had sex, jerked off, or came, and he said two days before. Johnny likes to jerk off in the shower. He prefers it to get off so that he doesnt have to deal with the mess. Changing positions, he got more on his knees to be like he was in the shower. Stroking his dick, he was getting a lot harder now, and things were a little more intense. His muscles were getting more tensed and he seemed to be holding his breath for brief periods of time, going through that buildup of trying to have an orgasm. And then it happened. Johnny let me know that he was about to cum and so I panned down to his dick to watch him squirt his load. Seconds later, he shot his load straight out in front of him onto the bed. He had a huge load for only having a two day load built up. Afterward, Johnny said that he would come back to do more, and that he of course would prefer to do a shoot for Broke Straight Girls.

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