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Getting To Know Ronnie Forest

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This soft-spoken Illinoian has a fascinating background, full of experiences and traumas many of us, unfortunately, can relate to. A tattoo on Ronnie's back commemorates his mother, who died when he was in 4th grade. Before this time, his family was a foster home for many children, which lead to beautiful and terrible things. His three siblings live with the 18-year-old and his dad, and were a welcomed addition to this growing family, foster-kids-turned-adopted.

Separately, Ronnie experienced emotional and sexual abuse from another foster child welcomed into his home - a trauma that is bound to bleed into his work here at the BSB studios. This, coupled with the intense bullying he experienced in middle school and high school, compounded to him making some not-so-great choices.

Watch to hear what lessons Ronnie learned during his 'forced break' from society, and why he chose to apply to the porn industry - in addition to being a broke straight boy.

Filming porn, Ronnie Forest realized, is a lot more difficult than he thought. It's not just showing up, having sex and getting paid. It's a true work week with the photo shoot, choreography and all the ins-and-outs! Because of this, the real deal Ronnie, isn't sure he would be willing to come back. Perhaps if he got more sexual experiences in his personal life, he can return with a series of new skills to show off to the adult industry!

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