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Sebastian, Alex Tri

I knew just how broke Sebastian was after our first solo shoot with him. I told him we are always willing to pay more if he is willing to give more. He became even more desperate for money after having his new bike stolen (a Honda CBR600RR). Let me tell you, he looked fucking hot riding it after we were done with his first shoot. He had no insurance on it and is left with the payments and nothing to show for it. On top of that, I told him we pay for referrals. In the end, this was the perfect situation for everyone. So in comes Alex, one of Sebastian's friends who was in need of some cash as well. And so began the wonderful test--just how desperate were these boys? You know the drill (and the boys should too!). One small step at a time... and after every step dangle that extra $100 dollar bill in front of them to take it just a little further. Like I said, what a perfect situation. The first step was getting them to jack off while next to each other. Next was getting them to jack off each other. That alone was almost too hot to handle (seeing Sebastian stroke another guy's cock? Yeah, very nice). Baby steps now.... baby steps. After the promise of more money, we convinced them to give each other head. Both Alex and Sebastian have such nice dicks and seeing those hard cocks pleasured from each other, I almost came just filming it. After that?? Well - I won't spoil too much for you but I guarantee you it's fucking hot. So in the end, money well spent. Sebastian didn't seem too thrilled with the situation he found himself in, but he was grateful for the chance to make some much needed money. Hope you enjoy the shoot. I know that after writing this I'm feeling the need to jack off to these boys once more.

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