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Gym Buddies I Caught You Looking At My Weiner Bro

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Gino Zanetti, Javier Sexton

Gino has been hitting the gym trying to get in even better shape for you, and when he pulls off his shirt he lets us admire that tight, toned body.  Javier pulls off his clothes too, showing off his chest and abs before they both sit down on the couch, cock in hand.  They play with themselves for a bit before playing with each other, Gino leaning over first to suck on Javier’s massive prick.  Javier sits back and enjoys the blowjob but makes sure to return the favor when it’s Gino’s turn for some oral

Gino plays with Javier’s dick as Javier sucks Gino off, and when Javier’s warm, wet mouth has Gino ready to fuck, he bends Javier over on the bed.  Sliding inside Javier’s ass, Gino lets him adjust to his size before fucking him faster and deeper as Javier grips the sheets as his ass gets stretched.  Javier flips onto his back, hoping the change in position will give him some relief from the pain of taking such a big cock.  He starts to stroke his own shaft as Gino fucks him raw until both these studs are shooting a huge load of cum, leaving Javier sore and soaked with their hot jizz

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