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Tyler The Model Directs The Models To Fuck Part 2

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Nelson, Austin Grant, Danny

The group of guys, (Tyler, Austin, Danny, and Nelson) decided to go hang out at Nelson's hotel room for a while after the club party for Broke Straight Boys. After arriving in the room, Tyler turned the camera on. He told all of them that they should make some more money doing another video that they could sell to me. All of them were a little too drunk to really comprehend anything. So, Tyler just started directing them around into what he wanted them to do. First, he had Danny move off to the side where he was just going to remain out of the way for the time being. Austin and Nelson were going to be in the scene together. Austin who clearly had one too many shoots was being a pain, but Tyler was handling it well from what I watched. Getting undressed the guys were standing off to the side of the bed, and Austin fell as he was taking off his pants. After they were completely naked on and on the bed, Tyler told Nelson to give Austin a blow job. Austin laid back with his hands mostly behind his head, and Nelson put the limp cock in his mouth. One thing is for sure, for as drunk as Austin was he still could get his dick hard. He seemed to be enjoying the head, and after a while Tyler figured that Austin could return the favor. Moving around on the bed, Austin lowered his mouth to Nelson's cock and put it in his mouth. He started to suck, and give Nelson head. However, Tyler didn't want Austin to go completely limp, so he asked Austin if he was ready to fuck after a few minutes. It took a minute for the guys to get ready and into place. Once Austin had the condom on, he put the lube on his dick and was ready. Guiding his dick into the hole, Austin was drunk so he had no mercy. He pushed his cock in deep in one single motion, and Nelson let out a loud moan. The fucking was underway and Austin started to pound that tight ass. While they were busy I looked over at Danny who was sitting in a chair watching them. He was rubbing his cock and seemed to be just playing with himself. Once it seemed like Nelson was relaxed a little bit more he was pulling and wanting Austin to pound harder. As the fucking got more intense, Tyler looked at Danny again and this time his pants were undone and his hand was down his boxers. To get Austin and Nelson to try something else, Tyler stopped them and had Nelson flip over onto his back. They tried doing this funky position where Nelson was riding, but it just seemed to be too much work for the drunk boys. Austin put Nelson on the bed, and pounded his ass with his legs up in the air. One of the best parts was watching Austin turn very dominate with Nelson. He pulled Nelson's hair to get him to suck his dick freshly out of Nelson's ass. As Nelson gave Austin head, it appeared that it wasn't going to be long before the boys got off. Austin's final request was to have Nelson lick his balls. Stroking his cock, Austin was pumping hard, and as he got close to cumming he gave a warning. Nelson moved his face and Austin shot his load all over his mouth and chin, but things didn't stop there, Nelson put the cock in his mouth to suck out all the cum. It was Nelson's turn to get off, and to do that Austin was told to lie down in the center of the bed. Nelson resumed sucking on Austin's dick some more, as he jerked himself off. In watching Nelson, the more he got into the blow job, the more it seemed like he was going to be getting off quicker. Moans could be heard from Nelson as he had his orgasm, causing Austin to moan as well. Nelson shot his load out onto himself, meanwhile spraying Austin's leg with some cum too. After that Austin and Nelson were ready to hit the shower, and Tyler revealed that he wanted to get into some action with Danny. One of the guys would need to hold the camera for that to happen. They stopped everything to get the room ready and change out the tapes. I look forward to watching that video next.

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