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Rock Paper Scissors Which Guy Is Going To BottomAdd Movie to your Favorites
Skyler Riley, Moreno Dias

Skyler and Moreno are back for more, and this time they’re leaving one big decision up to luck – who gets fucked in the ass.  Once we solve that issue with a solid game of rock, paper, scissors, these guys get started with each other.  They take turns sucking dick, with Moreno going down on Skyler first and then Skyler, eager to show Moreno up, takes his prick in his mouth.  After the oral fun, these guys know what comes next and you can see it in his face that Skyler is scared and unsure.  

Skyler climbs onto the bed and sticks his ass in the air and Moreno kneels behind him, lubed cock slowly pushing into Skyler’s virgin hole.  Moreno goes easy on Skyler as he tries to loosen that tight ass up while Skyler tries to find a position to make taking that fat cock a little more comfortable.  Eventually, Skyler turns onto his back and starts stroking his own dick while Moreno stretches that unused ass with his bareback dick.  Such a tight ass is hard to resist and Moreno pulls out to nut as Skyler shoots a load himself


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