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Dexter, Alden Hayes, Robert Hill

Bringing back Robert and Alden I wanted them to have another experience with another guy and so I setup a time for them to come into the studio. The two of them had done some solo work, duo shoots involving anal and blow jobs, but now I wanted them to interact with more models. I had them take a seat on the couch when we started, and I had the third model hang out in the back room until I called him in. Both Robert and Alden seemed to be doing great shoots, and neither one seemed to mind doing it. Without letting there be an awkward silence, I called Dexter in and explained that he has been on the site before with us. He started with us straight, and now we consider him gay for pay. Dexter was broke and needed to make some money to help pay for gas, and just every day expenses. I knew that Dexter wanted to know a little bit about the guys, so I had them do a little bit of recap. Robert is 18, straight, and going to school. Alden happens to be 21, straight, a student as well, and the two of them were dorm-mates. Talking to them about what was going to go on in the shoot, we didn't figure all that out before we got started, so I had hoped to see if we could get them to fuck and have a good threesome scene. However, it seemed like the newbies were more nervous than I thought that they would be and so they wanted to take things a little slower. That was when I put a couple of different options on the table for them to pick from. They finally decided that they would do oral and hand jobs for the shoot. Then, from there they would look at doing more the next time they came in. To get started, I had them remove their shirts, and they all did so taking them off sitting down. Ready for the next order I had them strip out of their pants, but leave their underwear on. Right away I notice that Dexter had on some kind of bikini briefs, and his quick response was that his girlfriend wanted him to try them. He said that he was just trying to please her, and try something different. Working on getting hard they each rubbed their own cock, while watching some straight porn that I put on to get them stimulated. Robert and Dexter were out of their underwear pretty early on stroking their cocks, but Alden just slipped his cock out the fly. Once his cock was hard I had to point it out for him to slip them off. Starting with Dexter I told him to lean over and suck on Alden's cock. While Dexter was busy doing that, I had Robert work on giving Dexter a hand job. One thing was for sure, Dexter was able to put all of Alden's cock down his throat. Robert then lowered his head and put Dexter's cock into his mouth. Now, he has only had limited sucking experience, so he was only putting a little bit more than the tip in his mouth. To change them all around I had Alden move to be in the middle of them, and had both guys work on sucking his dick. Dexter dropped to the floor where he licked Alden's balls while Robert sucked cock. The two of them were making Alden moan and enjoy the experience of having two guys service him at the same time. Having Dexter move over I wanted to see if Robert would enjoy it just as much. Sure enough he got hard and moaned very lightly. The best one out of the group was Alden getting his dick sucked. I had him take a seat on the back of the couch where Dexter gave him head for a while. Watching Alden's face it appeared that he was enjoying this more than most as he got close to cumming. Grabbing Dexter's hair he pulled his face back and said that he wanted to give a facial. Seconds later the cum sprayed all over Dexter's face and it was hot to watch. Alden shot a HUGE load, and said that it had been a while since he last got off. Dexter just wanted a towel to wipe it off. This was Alden's first experience shooting a load on someone's face. Dexter turned around on the couch and leaned back. Taking a seat on the couch, he proceeded to jack off really fast. Which meant, that it wasn't going to take him long to get off. Letting out a warning before he did shot, he came shooting his load out on his stomach. Last to go was Robert, who with some help of some lube was going to get off soon as well. Using a twisting motion with his hand he would stroke his cock, until he got close to having an orgasm. Then, it changed to just an up and down motion, where he started to make an orgasm face. He came shooting his load on his stomach and all down his cock. I hope to see these guys again real soon for a fucking scene.

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