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Construction Guy Gets Laid Off & Does Gay Porn Instead

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Alex Williams

Let me introduce you to Alex, who was 22, straight, and recently got laid off from his job working for a construction company. He would go in and working on building new retail buildings for big national companies. Well, with the economy the way that has been, he was laid off due to the slow down. Alex has a girlfriend that lives in New York, and he hasn't seen her since July. He was hopping to make enough money so that he could bring her down to Florida to visit. The way that he thought of to make the money was doing porn, and that was how he contacted me. I told him that he would start out doing a solo scene, where he would just jerk off on camera. Possibly from there we would look at putting him in a scene with blowjobs, and his response to me was only if the price was right. Alex told me that his girlfriend knew that he was going to be getting into the porn biz to make some money. Her only stipulation to the whole thing was that he had to do solo and gay work or their relationship would be over. She didn't want him sleeping with other girls. Take off his shirt, Alex had lots of tattoos, and I told him that one of his buddies Shane came in to do a shoot with us last week. Shane had no interest in doing anything with guys, and so I didn't know where things were going to go with him. However, back to Alex, we went through the tats on his upper body. Standing at 6'2" and 145 lbs, he said that he would like to get back into the gym to work out. Dropping his pants down to the floor, he stepped out of his jeans, and had on a pair of high-top socks on. I haven't seen a pair of those socks on a guy since the 80s. He had on a pair of boxers, and I had him turn around to show his butt. Pulling down the boxers, he had a decent butt to him. I asked Alex to bend forward, and he did slightly being a typical straight guy. Turning back around, he dropped the boxers and stood there naked in front of the camera. He had a little bit of pubic hair that was neatly trimmed and he said that he didn't like the look of body hair. Taking a seat on the couch, and putting on some porn for Alex to watch he seemed to get comfortable after a little while. Stroking his cock with one foot up on the couch, his dick got hard after a while and seemed to be around the 8 inches he said. Getting into a laying down position on the couch, he used two hands to pump his dick at one point. That was very hot to watch, and he showed off his size. Alex started to tighten up his body, and shake for head to toe. It was clear that he was only a moment way from having an orgasm. Sure enough pre-cum started flying out of the tip of his cock, and then he came on his stomach. I was able to see that he got cum all the way up his chest, and he seemed like he had a good time doing the shoot. I asked Alex if he would come back and he said for sure, I just told him that the next time he would have to get his dick sucked or suck someone else's. He said that I would just have to see, and we could talk.

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