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Newbie Kai Saiba Jerks Off On The On The Couch

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Kai Saiba

It’s been years…yes, years, since Kai Saiba’s had sex.  But he’s gotten himself off plenty of times to help him through his dry spell, and today he’ll be jerking his cock just for you in his solo scene today.  He strips down, his thin body exposed to the camera as he sits back on the couch and wraps his fingers around his shaft, jerking that dick nice and slow.  He lets his head fall back and his breathy sighs fill the room as he strokes himself faster, standing up to give you a better view. 

His free hand holds his balls in place as he rubs his prick, that big dick getting more red and swollen by the second as he works himself closer to orgasm.  Easing himself down on the couch, Kai gets comfortable for you, closing his eyes and working that cock faster, jaw tight and muscles tense as he brings himself nearer to that impending cumshot.  Kai stands again, the rhythmic stroking of his dick getting more desperate until he can’t hold back anymore and cums all over the table!

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