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Ginger Guy Calhoun Sawyer Jerks His Meat & CumsAdd Movie to your Favorites
Calhoun Sawyer

Get to know the new guy on BSB a little more intimately as Calhoun Sawyer touches himself for the camera in his solo scene debut.  Standing up from the couch, he pulls off his pants, cock hanging out over his underwear as he takes a seat and reaches for that nice dick.  His runs his hands up and down his shaft, slick with lube, as he grows harder and bigger with each stroke of his strong fingers.  He lets out little moans as he works himself up, legs spread and balls bouncing as he jerks his prick , focusing on the sensitive tip of his erect cock. 

Trying a different position he bends over the couch and spreads his ass, letting you see that tight hole as he gently runs a finger over it while he continues to masturbate that big dick.  As he gets closer to release, he makes himself more comfortable and lies back on the couch, eyes shut tight as his throbbing cock pulses with the need to cum.  Stroking that dick faster, his muscles tense and he shoots a huge load all over himself, hot jizz dripping from the tip of his dick as he rides out that incredible feeling.

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