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Cameron Michaels Jerks Off & Cums Everywhere

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Cameron Michaels

Cameron Michaels is our newest addition to BSB and this guy is pretty nervous to be on set with us today.  But after we talk him down and get him undressed and on the bed, he’s ready to do one of the things he does best…get off!  Grabbing hold of his dick and pulling it out through his underwear, he plays with himself, stroking that big prick and getting it nice and hard.  The more he touches himself, the more relaxed he becomes until he’s eagerly pulling his boxers off for better access to his now hard cock, fingers tugging at his balls as he works himself up. 

Kneeling on the bed, Cameron yanks on his throbbing dick, moaning with each breath as he brings himself closer to orgasm, slowly building that tension before lying back down to touch himself some more.  Cupping his balls and focusing his eyes on his long shaft, he strokes his dick faster and harder, muscles twitching and breath hitching in his throat until finally he reaches that sweet release, shooting his jizz across his chest and abs as he strokes out that cum and rides out the high from his first solo scene!

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