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Cory Parker Jerks Off His Meat Until He Cums

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Cory Parker

New guy Cory Parker is ready to make his debut on BSB, and although he does have some prior porn experience, he’s relatively new to the industry for the most part.  Already touching himself before the camera’s rolling, he’s working on getting his cock nice and hard as he pulls off his shorts and kneels on the bed.  Thick, uncut cock in hand, he works himself as his muscles flex and his balls bounce with each powerful stroke of his arm. 

Licking his lips, he watches as his hand slides over his shaft and he makes himself a little more comfortable, lying back on the bed, his free hand gently pinching his nipple as he works that dick.  As his hand moves faster over that cock, he spreads his legs and shows off that tight hole, shooting the camera a sexy glance as he gets himself closer to orgasm.  He yanks on that dick, muscles tensing and breath caught in his throat as he pushes himself over the edge to ecstasy, spraying himself with cum and giving it a taste before going to get cleaned up after a very successful solo scene!

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