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Derek Hays, Corey Slater

Derek called me up a couple of days after his first shoot where he jerked of next to a guy for the first time. He wanted to see if he could come back in to make some more money, and I told him that we would have to just see what I had for him when he came by the studio. We setup a time that worked for the best of us, and I scrambled to see who I could get to pair up with Derek. Corey always seemed to be available and wanted a chance to do more with Derek. When Derek arrived at the studio I had him take his place in front of the camera. We reminded people a little about Derek, and he said that he had an interesting time last time. He saved the $500 he made last time to pay some bills and he is looking to save up more cash to help get him out of a hole. I called Corey into the room to take a seat on the couch next to Derek. We talked numbers about Derek allowing Corey the chance to give him head.

Beginning with stripping off his shirt, I noticed that Derek had some more color to his skin since the last time he was here. Even a sunburn on his chest, but he didn't seem to mind. Derek had a tone chest and it showed that he liked to spend some time in the gym staying in shape. Keeping the undressing going he got down to his briefs, and as he took a seat on the couch I noticed that he left his shoes on. I mentioned that he could take them off, but Corey stopped him saying that they made him look more boyish. Derek took off his white briefs and through them to the side of the room. I asked Corey to take off his shirt to work on getting caught up to Derek. As Derek was watching some porn on mute he played with his dick to try and get it hard. Not much seemed to be happening and so he reached over wanting the lube. I told him to hold off if he was going to get his dick sucked. Giving a reaction of not really knowing what to do, I instructed Corey to go ahead and start to give Derek a blow job.

Corey leaned over taking the balls and dick in his hand, and lowered his mouth down to the straight boys cock. Placing the limp dick in his mouth he began to suck on it in the hopes of getting it fully hard. Derek's eyes went from watching the video to looking down at Corey. He started to thrust his hips forward towards Corey's mouth showing that he wanted to keep going. Pausing for a moment, Derek said that he wanted to just jerk off for a moment and then we could continue on. Putting some lube in his hand, he put his eyes on the TV and got his dick to its monster size. Corey once again started to give head, and took in as much of the cock as he could. He used both his hand and mouth together to work on trying to get Derek off. Derek started to moan a little bit and rub his nipples as he got his dick sucked, showing that a guy giving a blow job can feel great.

Not to say that Derek didn't like the blow job, but his dick was going down in size after a while. He wanted to get back hard, so he went back to jerking himself off. As he laid there watching the TV, Corey licked Derek's nipple to try and get him turned on. Then, he lowered his head down and licked and gently nibbled on Derek's balls. Corey was turned on and just wanted another shot at getting that cock in his mouth. Reaching forward he grabbed the dick away from Derek and put it in his mouth. Derek grabbed the back of Corey's head motioning him to deep-throat more of the cock. The boys moved back to sitting on the couch next to each other watching the porn. I told Derek to go ahead and suck Corey's dick now, to see if he would just do it. However, he realized what I had asked, and said that it wasn't part of the plan. We talked about money, and how much it would take for him to do it. Bargaining for a minute, we settled on an amount.

Derek got down on the floor, and placed the cock in his mouth. He only took in a little bit at a time, and used two fingers to hold on to it. Derek was putting just the head of Corey's cock in his mouth. Corey didn't seem to mind and joked around about that Derek must have sucked dick before. Suddenly stopping, Derek said that he had enough dick sucking and moved back up to the couch. The two of them went back to jerking off and worked on trying to get off. As they stroked their dicks with speed, it was a hot race to see watch one would blow first. Corey came shooting his load up his stomach and some of it got on his arm. Derek gave me a little warning and then shot his load all over his chest. It was a massive, runny, load that covered his chest and stomach in cum. Both guys pretty much got off at the same time. I asked Derek if he would ever consider letting a girl fuck him in the ass with a strap-on. I told him that I might have a surprise in store for him. He said that he would be completely down for it, and even had a smile on his face. I will get to work on seeing how I can pull off another surprise twist for Derek to come back.

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