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Jake Spencer Overcome His Nerves Jerking Off On Camera

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Jake Spencer

Jake Spencer is ready to show you what he’s got beneath his clothes as he preps for his solo scene.  Although he’s a little anxious, we talk him out of his clothes pretty easily and soon he’s standing there naked, ass and cock bared to you as turns his tattooed body around.  Grabbing the lube and sitting down on the couch, he takes his cock in his hand and slowly strokes it, getting harder in a matter of seconds as he touches himself just the way he likes. 

Standing up from the couch, he grabs his prick and works himself up, his big balls swaying beneath his thick shaft as he jerks himself up and down before lying back down on the couch.  Spreading his legs apart, he continues to run his hand up and down his dick, his throbbing cock eager to release its load as he brings himself closer to orgasm. A few more hard strokes and his eyes screw shut, cum spilling from the tip of his cock as he nuts hard and slows the pace of his hand as he gently milks the last drop of jizz from his dick.

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