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Ryan Pitt Slaps His Big Sausage & Gets Paid

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Ryan Pitt

Ryan Pitt is new to BSB and this 23-year-old stud is ready to put it all out there for you as he gets comfortable on camera for his solo scene and slowly strips off his clothes.  He inches his boxers down slowly, revealing the top of his cock before finally pulling that huge dick out and shedding his last layer of clothes.  He takes himself in hand and gently works his prick, using his own spit as makeshift lube as he tugs on his shaft and then takes a seat on the couch, getting more comfortable as he slathers his dick with lube. 

He runs his hands along his shaft, his inner thighs, all over his body as he makes himself feel good, closing his eyes and letting that massive cock dangle between his legs as he strokes it.  Turning around, he puts on a show, his sweet ass moving forward and back as he reaches behind to jerk his dick and then adjusting positions again so he’s lying on his back, legs spread and cock in hand.  As he touches himself and gets closer to reaching that sweet release, he stands up, muscles tense and eyes screwed shut until he finally strokes out his load, letting that cum fly across the table as he milks every last drop from his hard dick then leans in to get a taste!

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