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Buddy Wild Fucks Richie West In His Tight Ginger Hole

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Richie West, Buddy Wild

Buddy Wild and Richie West are both newbies around the house, and they’ve been rooming together while they’ve been here, getting to know each other better.  But now that they’re in the studio together, they’re about to get a whole lot closer than they’ve ever been…kissing and making out until Buddy pulls off Richie’s clothes and gets to work on that ass.  Spreading him apart, Buddy rims Richie’s hole and sticks a finger up his ass, sucking Richie’s cock while he fingers that tight ring of muscle. 

Buddy gets his oral next, letting Richie go down on him and shoving his cock deeper, making Richie deepthroat his fat cock but Richie takes that prick down his throat like a pro, climbing on top of Buddy and straddling his lap once his warm mouth has Buddy hard as fuck.  Richie lowers his ass onto Buddy’s eager dick, sinking his taut hole over Buddy’s cock and taking him to the root before Buddy starts fucking him hard. Turning Richie onto his back and holding his legs apart, Buddy gets deep inside of Richie’s sore hole, fucking him raw while Richie yanks on his own cock until he cums hard across himself. Buddy gets in a few more good pumps before pulling out and stroking his load out across Richie, moaning as he milks his cock to the last drop!

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