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Damien Nichols Fucks Aron Kronos

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Damien Nichols, Aron Kronos

During their time at the house, Damien Nichols and Aron Kronos have discovered a few things they have in common, and they’re about to discover a few more things about each other as they get prepped for their scene. Kissing and making out leads to oral as Damien gets on his knees to taste Aron’s cock, wrapping his mouth around it as he pulls it in and out of his lips until Aron’s good and hard.  Damien stands back up ready to receive some oral in return and Aron doesn’t keep him waiting, his lips closing around Damien’s prick and sucking that cock before climbing onto the bed and getting a rimjob from Damien.

Aron’s hard as fuck as he feels Damien’s tongue trace circle around his tight ass before Damien plunges his cock into it, bareback and deep, filling Aron up inside as he fucks him hard. Damien dominates that ass doggy style, pounding into Aron’s tight hole and then letting him ride that cock next, setting his own pace as he bounces up and down on Damien’s prick. Aron plays with himself, fingers tight around his cock and other hand playing with his nipple as he throws his head back and takes Damien’s dick.  Aron turns onto his back and opens his ass up for Damien, letting him fuck the cum out of him as Damien pulls out and nuts right between Aron’s ass!

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