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More Experienced Tanner Fucks Justin Raw

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Tanner Valentino , Justin Dean

Tanner Valentino, being the sexy and outgoing guy that he is, walks right up to Justin Dean and lays one on him, kissing him hard as he climbs on the bed on top of him and lets Justin play with his nipples a little.  The longer they make out, the more clothing they lose as things get hotter between these two horny boys until finally Tanner’s dick is out and Justin’s mouth is wrapped around it.  Justin deepthroats that huge shaft and sucks it until Tanner wants a taste of Justin’s meat, grabbing that cock with his lips and sucking it good. 

They get a little 69ing in before Tanner explores Justin’s ass with his fingers and then with his dick as he lubes up and pushes his bareback prick slowly into Justin’s tight little hole.  When Tanner is balls deep in that ass he fucks Justin hard, pounding him from behind on the bed and on the floor as Justin takes every inch of Tanner’s hard dick.  Justin’s cock and balls bounce as he moves his hips forward and back on Tanner’s meat before getting thrown onto the bed, spreading that ass and getting fucked raw some more as Tanner drives his cock into Justin’s sore hole.  Justin strokes his own member while he gets pounded until he jerks all the cum out of his cock and Tanner pulls out to bust a nut next!

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