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Damien Nichols Fucks & Cums On Justin Dean's Face

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Justin Dean, Damien Nichols

Justin Dean takes charge as he and Damien Nichols start making out, Justin trails kisses down his chest and abs and takes Damien’s big cock out and wraps his lips around it.  Damien watches as Justin gets him hard with that skilled tongue and then takes off his own pants to let Damien get a taste of his meat, too!  Damien gives Justin oral while Justin plays with Damien’s cock, and when Damien’s dick is rock hard, Justin straddles him and rides it reverse cowboy, moving that sexy ass up and down on Damien’s bareback cock. 

Once Justin gets his ass stretched to fit that fat dick, he rides it faster and then lies on his stomach to let Damien take the lead, pounding him from behind while Damien’s balls slap against Justin’s ass.  Justin flips over onto his back and opens that ass up for Damien once again, letting him fill up his hole with his long dick while Justin strokes his own hard cock and gets fucked.  Justin pulls Damien forward for a quick kiss as Damien buries himself in that ass until Justin cums everywhere and then Damien pulls out and gives Justin a facial, shooting a huge load as Justin lies there and takes that jizz!

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