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Getting To Know The New Guy Allen Michaels

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Twenty-two year old Allen Michaels from Augusta, GA stumbled upon the BSB studio when he came here to drop his friend off and we spotted that handsome guy through the window.  We gave him a call to see if he’d be interested, and of course he couldn’t turn down the money so here he is!  He’s looking to make some extra cash to buy a truck and start his own business, and when he’s not planning for his future you can find this country boy hunting, fishing, playing guitar, and dancing.  He grew up in a religious family, but when his parents split he got a little wild and is just now coming down from that…though it sounds like he still keeps it pretty wild when it comes to sex!  Allen’s open-minded and laid back attitude will serve him well here on BSB and we’re eager to see how this cute Southern charmer breaks into the porn industry!

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