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Scott, Gavin, Trevor

The shoot that I had setup was with three boys that were all a little different from each other. Gavin is 20, bi, and I have had him in the studio once before, so the group thing is kind of new to him. Trevor is 19, from Australia, and never had his dick sucked before. Scott happens to be straight, and has done a couple of shoots with us before. I explained to all of them that what we were going to be after was an oral shoot, than in joking around I said that other two guys were going to fuck Scott. At first he wasn't paying attention and he then he flipped me off. I had Gavin and Scott give Trevor some pointers on oral sex with guys. Then, I had them all take off their shirts for the camera. It was a little hard to catch all of them in the shoot, because of Scott standing. I asked the boys which one was going to pull the rest of their clothes off, and no one would volunteer. But, Gavin stepped up, and whipped out his dick. I turned on porn for the guys to watch, and Scott seemed happy about that. Then, I asked the guys to strip down out of some more of their clothing. Scott had on a pair of white, plain boxers that I could see in. Trevor had on a pair of boxers as well, and Gavin had on a pair of boxer briefs. All the boys pulled out their dicks and started to jerk off. I wanted to give them a moment before we started to move on to much better things in the shoot. Gavins nerves were starting to kick in and I knew that we were just going to have to take things one step at a time. Starting with Trevor, I had Gavin give him head first. With Trevor never experiencing oral before, I was very eager to see how he would react. Gavin was able to take all of Trevor's dick in his mouth and deep throat that thing. After a minute, I asked Trevor what he thought about it. He said that it felt a little weird, but I knew that it was just going to take more time. After a while though, he started to enjoy it a little more. I turned things on him a bit, and asked him to give Gavin oral. He said ok, and Gavin sat back. Trevor put a little bit in his mouth, and I could tell that he felt very awkward about it. He only did it for a few seconds, before he sat up and said that he had enough. I told the two guys on the end of the couch to give Gavin head. I figured maybe if I could get Scott to give oral as well, than Maybe Trevor would continue. To my surprise Scott, bent down and started to lick the shaft of Gavin's cock. He even put the tip in his mouth and sucked a bit. Trevor joined in and the two of them were sucking and licking Gavin's cock. Scott can have major attitude, and so I was glad to see that he was being a team player. Blow job time for Scott, and Gavin was happy to be sucking on that dick. Gavin told me that he had the hots for Scott right away, and so I was happy to see that they were into the oral. Scott loved to watch Gavin give him head, and couldnt take his eyes off of him, and usually he liked to watch the videos I had on. After a while, I told the guys that I wanted them to get off, and blow their loads. Then, I realized that Gavin really had to do all the work, so I asked the other guys to help him out by playing with his dick a little bit more. All three boys jerked off, and it was really quiet in the room. But, to spice things up a little bit, I told them that I would give the first one an extra $300. Laughing filled the room as they all felt that Gavin had it the easiest. After a moment more of silence, Trevor was the first one to let out a warning that he was going to go. He came shooting his load on his stomach. It was only a little bit longer, before Gavin said that he was shooting his load. He was more vocal with his orgasm, and shot his load right up on this his chest. All the pressure than moved to Scott, and him getting off. It took him a moment, but he came shooting his load on his hand and dick mostly. They all joked around about the extra money that they made for getting off in a race. I asked Gavin if he would do the dick sucking again, and he said that he would have to think about it. All the guys did a great job, and I hope that they all come back for more.

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