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Miles Taylor Toys Up His Tight Ass While Jerking Off

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Miles Taylor

Miles Taylor is ready to get shit started by the time we’re rolling, he’s already on the bed pulling his last piece of clothing off and grabbing his cock with his hand, running his fingers up and down his shaft and balls.  As he gets himself hard as fuck, he reaches for a plug, lubes it up and slowly eases it into his tight ass, taking it nice and slow as he continues to strokes his thick, throbbing dick with his other hand. 

When he gets the butt plug as deep as it’ll go, he moves it in and out and jerks his cock until he’s ready for something a little different and grabs a dildo next.  He slides that veiny plastic cock into his entrance and fucks himself with it while he yanks on his own fat prick, stroking his dick faster and harder and then delaying that orgasm as he takes it back down a notch and enjoys that dildo up his ass.  After he’s been working that dick for a while, all that fun toy play and masturbation brings him closer and closer to cumming until he just can’t keep that jizz in anymore, pulling the dildo out of his ass and stroking out a nice big load for you as he finishes off his solo scene!

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