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Connor Ridge And Rick Hazard Are Ready For Fucking

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Rick Hazard, Connor Ridge

After a good meal, sexy Connor Ridge and Rick Hazard are ready for a romp in the sheets to earn some cash as these straight boys strip down, make out and suck dick.  Connor goes for Rick’s sweet prick first, holding his balls down as he moves his lips and down Rick’s long shaft and then climbs onto the bed, lies back and lets Rick get a mouthful of cock next.  Ricks sucks him off for a couple minutes but can’t wait to get at that ass as he pulls Connor to the edge of the bed and pushes his pulsing member into Connor’s ass, pounding him raw and deep as Connor takes every inch. 

Rick’s balls slap against Connor’s ass as he takes him hard and then lets Connor straddle him and ride that dick, bouncing up and down as he grinds his hips against Rick, his cock thumping against Rick’s stomach with each bounce.  Rick takes back control as he gets behind Connor and fucks him faster, harder, as Connor bends over the bed and pulls on his own stiff prick until he cums and then lets Rick shoot his load all over his back!

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