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Romeo James Breaks In Sebastian Lee

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Romeo James, Sebastian Lee

We’ve got an expert and a novice paired up today, with Romeo James eager to show newbie Sebastian Lee a thing or two about fucking a guy.  They move in for a kiss and after a short make out session Romeo takes Sebastian’s sweet cock in his mouth and sucks it, moving down and spreading Sebastian’s ass apart to give that tight hole a rimjob before getting in a few more sucks on his cock.  Sebastian gives Romeo oral next, placing a few kisses on Romeo’s hairy thighs before sucking on his cock.  

When these guys are hard and ready to fuck, Sebastian lies on his back and lets Romeo slowly slide his dick inside of him, filling him up with his long shaft as Sebastian plays with his own member.  Sebastian turns over on all fours and Romeo fucks him from behind, making Sebastian’s ass jiggle as Romeo thrusts deep into him.  Romeo slows it down a little, giving Sebastian’s hole a minute to stretch around that cock, but when Sebastian wants it harder Romeo gives it to him, pounding the fuck out of him and then pulling out and cumming between Sebastian’s cheeks.  Sebastian jerks his own dick while Romeo massages his ass until Sebastian strokes out a huge load, nutting all over the bed.

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