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Tim Hanes Jerks Off

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Tim Hanes

Tim Hanes is our newest BSB model, in urgent need of some cash and ready to make some porn to earn that money, he takes off his shirts and pants and we see that he likes to keeps things all natural, with all of his hair on his chest, legs and cock.  It’s always a little intimidating to get started and this newbie isn’t afraid to ask for some advice on how to get hard in front of a camera and we agree to let him use his phone to look at porn. 

As he touches himself and gets harder and harder, he takes off his boxers and runs his hand along his impressively long cock, stroking it up and down as he continues to grow that prick.  He keeps his eyes on the screen of his phone and it feels like we’re intruding into what a private moment for him would really be like, sprawled across his bed at home, watching porn and silently yanking on his sensitive cock. He starts moving his hand faster and faster as he gets closer to coming, until he can’t hold back anymore and he releases a nice cumshot across his chest and abs, taking a few shallow breaths as he squeezes out the last few drops of jizz.

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