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Gingers Kiss, Suck Each Other Off & Fuck Bareback Add Movie to your Favorites
Levi Jackson, Zach Covington

Zach Covington and Levi Jackson kiss hard, getting each other warmed up as they press their tongues against each other and make out until Zach works his way down to Levi’s cock.  He pulls that dick out and sucks it, stroking it with his hand and mouth as Levi lets out moans when he hits those sensitive spots and grows harder under Zach’s touch.  Zach lies back and Levi takes his turn giving him oral as he teases Zach’s tip with his tongue and slides Zach’s thick shaft in and out of his warm mouth. 

A little more foreplay has these two boys ready for some fuckin’, and Zach bares his ass to Levi, letting him slide his bareback cock inside and pound that tight hole as they kiss!  They try another position as Zach gets on his back and opens his legs for Levi, letting him fuck him raw as Levi wraps his hand around Zach’s neck and gets a little kinky, pressing down tighter as he dominates that ass!  When Zach climbs on top to ride Levi’s throbbing cock it doesn’t take long until Zach’s stroking out a big load, and all that cum makes Levi bust a nut right between Zach’s sexy ass!

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