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Tanner Fucks One Of The Twin Brothers But Which One?

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Tanner Valentino , Kyle Porter

Kyle Porter has proven that he can take a dick, but we’ll see how he handles Tanner Valentino’s long, fat cock!  But before they get there, they kick things off with kisses, making out and touching each other all over as they lose their clothes and Kyle finds himself staring down Tanner’s big prick! 

Kyle tackles that cock with his wet mouth, letting Tanner facefuck him as he goes to work making that massive meat even bigger!  Tanner pulls Kyle’s pants off and takes his sweet cock in his mouth, deepthroating that juicy dick as he strokes it with his hand and tongue until both these guys are horny as fuck. 

Tanner pulls Kyle on top of him and Kyle slowly slides Tanner’s bareback dick inside of his tight ass, and Tanner’s so big he can barely fit inside of Kyle, but these guys make it work and soon Kyle’s riding Tanner’s cock as they fuck raw and hard.  Kyle gets his ass fucked in so many different positions as Tanner takes him whatever way he wants, pounding the fuck out of him until Kyle’s ass is sore and Tanner’s cum!  Once Tanner's gotten his fill of Kyle's tight hole, he keeps his cock in there until Kyle busts a nut next!

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