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Teen Boy Jesse Avalon Fucks College Stud Tanner Raw

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Tanner Valentino , Jesse Avalon

Jesse Avalon and Tanner Valentino are a very sexy pair, and it gets even sexier when they press their lips together and run their hands all over each other until Jesse finds his way down to Tanner’s already hard cock!  He gives it a few sucks before Tanner is craving some cock and frees Jesse’s meat from his pants, wrapping his mouth around it and giving him oral while he gets an amazing blowjob in return! 

Jesse plays with Tanner’s balls and deepthroats his prick a little longer, making sure it’s throbbing hard before spreading Tanner’s legs apart and shoving his own stiff dick inside that tight hole!  Tanner moans as Jesse enters him, getting fucked raw while he slowly strokes his own cock and lets Jesse take him however he wants.  Jesse fucks him doggy style next, burying his long shaft all the way inside of Tanner, making sure Tanner can feel every inch of Jesse’s big bareback dick as he slides it deeper and fucks him harder.  Tanner flips onto his back and Jesse pounds him while Tanner touches himself, jerking his member until he comes, then inviting Jesse to unload his hot cum all over him too!

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