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Zander Floyd Gets His Revenge On Drake Tyler's Ass

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Zander Floyd, Drake Tyler

Since our members loved to see Zander Floyd and Drake Tyler fuck hard, we’ve brought them back for a second round and this time Zander gets to take revenge for that pounding he got from Drake! These guys are horny today and after some kissing Zander gets a mouthful of sweet cock as Drake face fucks him, making sure he gives Drake’s big balls some attention too!

When Drake gives it back it’s all Zander can do to not come right in Drake’s mouth as he sucks him off. But that’s not all the oral they’ve got in store, Zander buries his face in Drake’s ass and licks his tight hole, fingering it hard but fucking it even harder when Drake straddles him and lowers his ass onto Zander’s big dick! 

Zander shows no mercy as he dominates Drake’s ass, pummeling that hole and smacking Drake’s sore ass as he fills him up with his bareback prick. Drake takes Zander’s long cock without complaint, knowing damn well he earned this epic ass-pounding as he lets Zander have his way with him until Zander blows his load onto Drake’s ass. Drake busts a huge nut and Zander’s right there to clean him up with his mouth as he licks the cum off and Drake even takes a taste himself!

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