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Tj Dewalt Audition, With Intense Cum ExplosionAdd Movie to your Favorites
Tj Dewalt

Tj Dewalt is a newbie who comes to us from Arizona, but this rich boy needs some extra cash to support his lavish lifestyle of sports and parties, so here he is, ready to stroke one out to make some dough!  We're breaking him in with a solo scene, but he seems pretty relaxed for the camera...and even more relaxed once he's got his dick in his hand!

He strips down to his boxers and takes a seat on the couch, closing his eyes as he rubs his cock through his underwear until finally he gives us a sneak peek of that delicious dick…and it’s worth the wait!  He pulls his boxers down more to reveal his long, thick prick as he continues to masturbate, rubbing it slowly until finally he gets those boxers all the way off and really starts to work that cock! 

He makes his balls bounce as he yanks that prick harder and faster, trying out a couple different positions until he’s perfectly comfortable and ready to cum.  He runs his hand up and down his fat cock, faster and faster, his mouth hanging open as he pleasures himself until he shoots his load, cumming all over his stomach and chest as he squeezes out every last drop.

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