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Straight Boys But Broke Boys Make Some Much Needed Money

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Laulin Kai, Nathan Pose

Laulin and Nathan are back for the shoot that I talked them into doing the last time that they came in to do a shoot together. In their last shoot they did very well doing oral on each other that I wanted to see if they would come back again, but this time I wanted them to do some anal. Both guys ended up blowing the money they had made so far, and they said that they just didn't know about how much they could handle. Nathan had done anal on a chick before, but never on a guy. We settled on an amount and then had to figure out which one of them was going to take it up the ass. The two of them played a game to see who would be the one to be fucked. Laulin was our loser and so he was getting nervous about the situation. Both of them stripped their clothes off, and took a seat on the couch as they started to touch their limp cock. I showed the viewers that we had turned on a video for the guys to watch to get hard, and that it was a straight born. Nathan's dick was getting really hard, and I pointed out that we had the very big condoms laid out. I asked if they would suck a little dick and Nathan was the first to bend over and take Laulin's cock in his mouth. After a few minutes then they switched and Laulin gave a blow job to Nathan. Both guys were getting really nervous, and especially Laulin for his first fucking by a guy. They changed the couch into a bed, and worked on getting the condom on. Getting into the doggie style position, Nathan tried to jam his cock right in Laulin's ass and was having trouble. Laulin's ass was very tight, and he did not want to relax. To see if we could get things moving a long, I brought out a different kind of lube and a toy. Nathan proceeded to use the toy on him very slowly so that he would start to loosen up. Laulin was beginning to be a natural moaner, and I was curious as to if he would get even louder with the real thing. Once again we were ready to try the real thing, and Nathan was able to get his cock all the way in. I was lying to Laulin telling him that Nathan's cock was only about half way in his ass, when in fact it was all the way in. It took some time, but I could see that Nathan was able to pick up a steady rhythm. Until Laulin made Nathan pull out so that he could have a break from the pain. Switching positions to Laulin being on his back, Nathan was able to get in right away. He started to pound his ass really fast at a steady rate, and everything was going great. Watch as these two guys fuck for the first time and they did fairly well. Laulin stopped everything and didn't want to fuck any more from all the pain he was feeling. I told him that we could go to getting ready to do a cum shot. Changing the bed back into a couch the two of them got comfortable and just started to jerk themselves off to try and give me a good cum shot. Nathan gave me a warning that he was about to blow his load. Sure enough his load covered his dick in cum. Then, it was Laulin's turn to shot this load, and it took him a couple of minutes of watching the video. He too gave me a warning and he blew his load all over his dick as well. Both guy's loads were very white in color and thick. They both did a good job, and seemed like they would do it again for the right price.

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