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Blake Savage Is Back To Fuck Vadim Black In His Russian Ass

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Blake Savage, Vadim Black

Blake Savage is always down to fuck, and today he gets to top the super sexy Vadim Black!  There’s nothing like some morning sex after a night of partying, and these boys get right to it, stripping off their clothes and exchanging kisses as Blake gets Vadim on the bed and gives him head.  Vadim watches as Blake sucks on his cock, licking up and down his shaft and making Vadim grow bigger and bigger! 

Of course, Blake needs some oral too, and Vadim doesn’t hold back when he sucks that prick, getting it deep into the back of his throat as he strokes it with his hand and mouth.  Once he’s gotten Blake hard, Blake lies back on the bed and Vadim climbs on top of him and sits on his throbbing cock, putting it in slow at first and then sliding it deeper as his ass stretches to fit Blake’s thick meat. 

They switch things up and Blake tops Vadim doggy style, riding that ass hard as Vadim takes that big prick way up his ass.  But these two aren’t done yet, one more change in positions and a few more good thrusts from Blake and these studs are shooting their loads all over!

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