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California Stripper Dakota Ford Strokes His Tool For Money

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Dakota Ford

Today we have the pervy pleasure of meeting Dakota Ford, from Georgia via San Diego. "Kind of a southern boy and a California boy mixed together," the cameraman observes. The 24-year-old is married. Been with his wife for 5 years. "They say if you can make past the first seven you're good," Dakota says. He's here because he's broke, straight, and a boy. LOL! Dakota's wife knows he's with us, and seems cool with it all. "She's warmed up to it," Dakota explains. As for his day job, Dakota shakes his money maker. He's made it with a dude before, but it wasn't his thing. As a stripper, Dakota has no problem taking off his clothes. When asked about the size of his thang, he blushes. Which means he must be hung like a donkey! LOL! The stud plays with himself through his underwear. Eventually he gets rid of the fabric to show a large slab of beef. When he gets it hard, the cameraman is impressed. "That's a big assed dick," the cameraman says. "I like to say I was born a dick and grew a body," Dakota quips. The monster curves to the side. The piss slit is so big it winks at the camera. This monster meat is a bottom's boy's wet dream. LOL! Dakota takes a seat, using both hands to pleasure himself. He gets up for some lube and shakes his "hairy butt" for the camera. He gets more comfortable on the bed, and his sausage has gotten bigger. He jerks it and moans a bit. The stud needs lots of lube to cover all the skin on that thing. "I'm about to cum," Dakota whispers. His load dribbles out, landing on his abs and hand. He strokes out one last drop for the camera. "I'm a little messy," Dakota admits after he calms down. The cameraman wants to know how big his wang is, but the newbie confesses he's never measured it. The cameraman thinks it might be 9 inches. "Your wife should be happy," the cameraman says. There are some other people who would be glad if Dakota put that tool in some other tight places. :-)

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