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Alan North

Meet Mr. Alan North. A military man.
"No one joins the army to get rich," he says to the cameraman.
This isn't the first time he's been in front of the camera. When he was a soldier, he used to make personal videos for his lady friend.
He likes it all, from drinking, football (Alan is a Raiders fan) to video games. His sexual history is pretty "interesting." Alan shares a story that will make you love peanuts. Another lady friend was next to him, both naked. Alan was eating peanuts, put one in her booty hole, sucked it out, and ate it.
"She didn't have a problem with it," Alan says to the cameraman with a laugh.
As Alan takes off his clothes he confesses getting tats is his "sweet addiction." He starts stroking his uncut tool, and the "little Alan" starts to plump. The stud grabs his nuts as he jerks his hefty meat.
Alan makes it to the bed, pointing his dick to the camera. He keeps his stroking focused on his pink head, pulling the foreskin over it. He strokes his chest and keeps one hand on his smooth stomach.
Alan closes his eyes and licks his lips. Someone is getting close to popping. Heck, his pole is getting a little bigger. The jerking pace picks up, with a hand under those delicious nuts.
"I'm going to cum," he whispers.
He does. The man milk shoots up and lands all over his hand and foreskin.
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