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Meet Sonny, our newest newbie. You have to adore a guy who includes beer pong as a hobby. And has an 8 inch dick. :-)
He's now free of any relationship obligations. His lady friend was sending naked pics of herself on her phone. Unfortunately, they weren't being sent to Sonny. :-(
He loves his abs, which makes sense. They are tasty. He has five tats, even one on his foot.
He jerks off three times a day. Considering the size of his tool that seems about right. :-)
Sonny loses the clothes and starts stroking it. His tube steak plumps, and goodness gracious! It is a big old thing!
Sonny looks even cuter with his open mouth as he strokes his stuff. Those furtive glances to the camera are sure to make the bottoms out there swoon. :-)
He stands up, and Sonny looks like he wants to bust soon. That mini club in his hands needs a warm mouth around it. Or tight butt hole.
He looks a bit scared when asked to show his booty hole. Big dicked guys are like that. :-) Those same guys always make the best bottoms. LOL!
Sonny gets on his back, that sausage looking for its own zip code. :-) He gives his pink nuts a little tug. They need a warm tongue to bath them in spit juice.
Sonny's stroking picks up speed. Poor sweetie so needs to nut. His balls jump up and down as his hand moves faster. The stud bites his lower lip, which makes him even more adorable than he is. Sonny's man milk explodes out, landing on his chest and stomach.
What should Sonny do next? :-)

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