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Duncan Tyler & SethAdd Movie to your Favorites
Seth Hardy, Duncan Tyler

Poor Seth. He looks so unhappy at the start of this vid. The resident BSB bottomis paired with
Duncan Tyler, the blonde stud with the mammoth meat stick. Today he's going to have a go at ass
fucking, his first with either a guy or gal. No wonder Seth is worried.

"Go slowly at the start. Don't ram it in because it's probably going to hurt," Seth advises.

When asked to get rid of clothes, Seth's are off in flash. Maybe someone isn't that nervous!

"Damn you strip fast," Duncan observes.

"Experience," Seth replies.

Seth quickly puts his mouth to use. His work gets the required result because Duncan's monster
reaches maximum size. Duncan pushes Seth's head down, but there's only so far he can go. Seth
has to come up for air because Duncan's meat stretches his mouth.

"Too big for you," the cameraman asks.

"A little bit," Seth says. "It's thick."

Seth's jaws will never be the same. He keeps holding them when he comes up for air.

Duncan gives him a break and goes down on Seth. For someone still learning man sex, Duncan is
getting adept at blow jobs. He likes to suck for some time then pull up and give Seth a few strokes.
He's even learned to give the head a lick or two.

With the foreplay over, we get to what we are here for: screwing. Seth gets on his hands and
knees, his natural position. Duncan fucks like he didn't hear the lad's earlier instructions. Once he's
in, Duncan treats Seth ass like moistened pussy. He even needs to pull the bottom back on his dick
who inches away from the assault.

Duncan picks up the pace, going balls deep in Seth small ass. Our bottom keeps his face in the bed
with an occasional moan. He looks like he's being torn apart, but his rigid dick tells a different tale.

Seth gets on his back and the blonde top keeps pummeling that sweet man hole. The bottom boy
explodes with no warning, jizz landing right above his belly button. Duncan pulls out and strokes a
nut. Because it's Duncan, the load is copious. It soaks Seth's arm, and stomach, with clear man

After everything calms down, Duncan is all smiles, and his dick looks like it could go another round.

"I felt it shoot right past my head," Seth observes about Duncan's explosion.

Any other models you think deserve a Duncan infusion? :-)

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