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Released: 2017-10-18 22:00:00
Jareds Tight Hole Stretched By Rick

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Jared Marzdon used to be afraid to bottom, but now this sexy likes getting fucked and that’s just fine with Rick Hazard who’s ready to give his huge cock a good workout!  These guys start with some kisses and soon they’re on the bed, making out hard as Jared explores Rick’s body with his tongue and finds his way to that big dick, taking it in his wet mouth and sucking it hard. 

Rick’s cock gets fat and hard but that doesn’t stop Jared from deepthroating it before he lets Rick give him some oral in return.  Jared goes back for more of Rick’s prick as Rick plays with Jared’s tight hole and then pulls him to the end of the bed and sticks his cock in it.  Rick takes it easy for a minute but once he feels Jared’s tight ass around his dick he can’t hold back too long as he fucks him harder and faster, filling him up with his bareback shaft as Jared grips the sheets and takes that dick.  Rick climbs on the bed with Jared and lets him ride that cock raw before getting behind him and pounding Jared doggy style until he fucks the cum right out and him and pulls out to shoot his load next!

All features with: Jared Marzdon
All features with: Rick Hazard
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Released: 2017-10-15 22:00:00
Romeo Takes Ashton's Hard Shaft

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Ashton Taylor and Romeo James don’t spend too much time making out before Romeo is kissing his way down to Ashton’s cock, teasing that dick through his boxers before pulling those off and taking it in his mouth.  Ashton gets down on his knees to give Romeo head next, sucking his sweet cock until Romeo’s begging to get fucked, bending over the bed and offering his tight ass up to Ashton who eagerly pushes his bareback dick inside. 

He fucks Romeo hard from behind, filling his ass and stretching that hole around his shaft as Romeo plays with himself while he takes that prick.  Romeo flips over onto his back, spreading his ass wide open and letting Ashton fuck him some more as he moans with each deep thrust.  The harder Ashton pounds him, the closer Romeo gets to busting a nut until he finally strokes the cum out of his cock and then watches Ashton pull out and do the same, nutting all over him as these guys ride out their orgasms and then go get cleaned up!

All features with: Romeo James
All features with: Ashton Taylor
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Released: 2017-10-13 22:00:00
Justin Fucks Chris Deep And Raw

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Justin Dean’s been taking it in the ass a lot recently, so we’ve decided to give him a break from bottoming so he can top sexy Chris Taylor today!  As these guys get their scene started, they kiss each other softly as they undress and lie down on the bed, teasing those big dicks through their boxers until Chris pulls Justin’s cock out and sucks it.  Chris dangles his cock in front of Justin’s mouth and he captures it between his lips, 69ing as both guys get a mouthful of sweet dick, getting each other hard and horny before Chris straddles Justin takes that prick in his ass. 

Justin doesn’t go easy on Chris, pushing every inch of his hard cock deep into Chris’s hole and pounding him raw, stretching that tight ass out and making Chris moan for more.  They fuck with Chris on his stomach and Justin giving it to him rough before Chris turns onto his back and lets Justin bury his long bareback shaft inside him one more time, fucking him while Chris strokes his own dick until he cums.  Justin gets a few more good thrusts in before pulling out and shooting his huge load across Chris’s stomach, finishing this hot scene off with an even hotter cumshot!

All features with: Chris Taylor
All features with: Justin Dean
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Released: 2017-10-11 22:00:00
Brad Gemini Strokes His Cock

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Brad Gemini may seem at ease in front of the cameras, but that’s only because this guy’s got some experience behind him since we brought him over from our other site, (which is included with your current membership, for your viewing pleasure)! As he strips down for his solo scene, we see that nice body and luscious ass jiggle and he’s already reaching for his cock, and when he’s totally naked we finally let him get started, grabbing the lube and relaxing on the bed as he works that dick. 

Brad yanks on his big cock, kneeling on the bed and showing us his ass as he fingers it while he runs his other hand over his long shaft, getting nice and hard as he works that dick.  As he touches himself all over he lets out some sexy moans, pushing his fingers into his mouth or up his ass as he gets himself closer to coming. He starts stroking that fat dick faster and harder until he busts a nut, shooting a nice load as he pushes out each drop of cum and gently massages his tired cock!

All features with: Brad Gemini
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Released: 2017-10-08 22:00:00
Bareback Virgin Hunter, Fucks Drake

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Drake Tyler doesn’t mind helping break in the new guys, so we’ve brought him in to help with one of our new guys, Hunter Lopez.  And although Hunter is new, he’s not too nervous, which makes Drake’s job that much easier as he leans in for a kiss.  They make out as they lose their clothes until eventually Hunter is naked on the bed and Drake’s mouth is wrapped around his cock, sucking that sweet dick. 

Drake shows Hunter how it’s done and Hunter reluctantly agrees to give it a try as he takes Drake’s meat between his lips and slides it in and out, getting a good taste of Drake’s cock before he stands up to fuck him.  Drake kneels on the bed, ass in the air as Hunter enters him from behind, starting slow but getting harder and faster as Drake begs for more of that bareback prick.  Hunter climbs on the bed with Drake to fuck him harder, filling that tight ass up as Drake moans with each deep thrust of Hunter’s rock hard cock.  Hunter takes that ass from one other position as he tops Drake until both guys cum hard, shooting a nice load after that hot fuck session!

All features with: Drake Tyler
All features with: Hunter Lopez
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Released: 2017-10-06 22:00:00
Cage Fucks Damien's Tight Ass

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Damien Nichols is in for a treat today since he’s about to feel what it’s like to have his ass eaten, but before he gets there, he and Cage Kafig enjoy some other foreplay first!  They exchange a few hot kisses before Damien goes down on Cage, sucking that cock and letting Cage face fuck him as he pushes that dick deep down Damien’s throat.  Cage gives it back to Damien next and turns him over, spreads that ass and rims Damien’s tight hole, flicking his tongue against Damien’s sensitive hole as Damien prepares to get that hole fucked

Cage lubes up and slowly slides his big shaft into Damien’s ass, taking it nice and slow until he’s balls deep inside of Damien, and then letting Damien’s hole stretch around his fat dick as Damien moans in pain and pleasure.  They try a different position with Damien on his stomach and Cage pounding him from behind raw, but when Cage turns Damien onto his back and fills that ass up again, Damien can barely take Cage’s full cock!  But apparently Damien likes some pain with his pleasure because he shoots a nice load and Cage pulls out and cums hard too! 

All features with: Cage Kafig
All features with: Damien Nichols
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Released: 2017-10-04 22:00:00
Jos Gets His Ass Filled With Tanner

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Tanner Valentino and Jos Alvarez are ready to have some fun in this scene as these guys get started making out and dropping their clothes pretty quick!  They grab for those dicks as they kiss until Jos goes down on Tanner, sucking him off and playing with his balls and then standing on the bed and letting Tanner get a taste of his meat next!  When they’ve gotten each other hard as fuck with their mouths, Tanner bends Jos over the bed and stands behind him, entering that tight hole and fucking him hard and raw, filling him up with his big cock as Jos takes every inch of that long shaft. 

They climb onto the bed and Jos rides Tanner’s prick, slowly moving his hips up and down as he pulls that prick in and out of his tight ass until Tanner picks him up and fucks him while he holds him.  When they’re getting close to cuming, Tanner throws Jos onto the bed and spreads his legs wide open, burying his member in Jos’s ass again and fucking him with that bareback cock.  Jos’s tight ass is too much for Tanner to take and he pulls out and cums hard all over Jos’s face and then lets Jos bust a nut on him next!

All features with: Tanner Valentino
All features with: Jos Alvarez
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Released: 2017-10-01 22:00:00
Romeo Goes Balls Deep In Connor

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Connor Ridge is still considered a newbie around here, so we’ve got Romeo James in the studio with him today to help break him in and ease those new-guy nerves.  Romeo makes the first move, placing some kisses across Connor’s chest as he undresses him and then wraps his mouth around Connor’s cock, sucking that sweet dick.  He bends Connor’s legs up next and gives that tight little ass a rimjob, running his tongue around Connor’s hole and then standing up and letting Connor get a taste of his meat next. 

Romeo tells Connor just how he likes it as Connor works that dick and then climbs on the bed to get fucked as Romeo pushes his bareback prick into Connor’s tight hole.  He bends over to kiss Connor as he pounds him, flipping him over and taking him from behind as he slaps Connor’s ass and fucks him hard and deep.  Connor takes every inch of Romeo’s thick shaft until he cums all over the bed, shooting a huge load and then letting Romeo finish between his sore ass, covering that hole in his hot cum.

All features with: Romeo James
All features with: Connor Ridge
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Released: 2017-09-29 22:00:00
Jos Alvarez Fucks Zach Covington

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Zach Covington is back and ready to get fucked by one of our newer guys, Jos Alvarez.  These two have already had the pleasure of meeting since they’re rooming together at the house, but they’re about to get a whole lot closer than they’ve ever been as they lean in and start kissing.  They rub each other’s package as they make out and then strip down to their underwear while Jos kisses and bites Zach’s chest and abs.

They get each other hard as they rub those dicks and when they get completely naked, Zach has his mouth around Jos’s dick in a matter of seconds, eagerly sucking and licking that sweet cock. They pause to make out some more as Zach lies between Jos’s legs, grinding his dick against him while they kiss and then it’s Jos’s turn to give Zach head as he sucks that dick and then flips him over to rim his tight hole!  After the oral Zach straddles Jos and sits on that big dick, taking every inch up his ass and then riding it raw until Jos turns him over and fucks him from behind while they kiss.  Zach climbs on top again and rides that bareback cock a little longer until he cums hard and then lets Jos pound him a little longer before he nuts, finishing off this sexy scene with some hot cumshots!

All features with: Zach Covington
All features with: Jos Alvarez
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Released: 2017-09-27 22:00:00
Xavier Ryan Jerks Out His Sweet Cum

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Xavier Ryan gets warmed up to the BSB studio with his solo scene today, and before we even get his pants off he’s already getting hard! He shows us his nice ass and body before climbing onto the bed and working that dick, taking it in his hand and jerking it hard and fast as he gets that dick even bigger. This guy isn’t shy at all, spreading his ass apart and showing us what he’s got, flexing his muscles for the camera while he plays with that long cock and runs his free hand across his body.

He grabs some more lube as he gets to work on that fat cock, stroking it hard as his balls bounce and he thrusts his hips forward and back, grinding against the bed while he pleasures himself. As he gets closer to coming, he slows it down just a little, but he can’t deny himself that pleasure for too long and he starts rubbing that prick faster until he shoots a big load, spraying his cum across the bed as he rubs out every last drop!

All features with: Xavier Ryan
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