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Ross Tays, Kodi

Kodi and Ross are in the studio today and they are going to be indulging in some man on man lovin'. It was easy to see that the two
boys were ready to get going right away so I had them stand up and strip off to their boxers, both boys having a ready smile for the
camera. Ross and Kodi sat back down and immediately started playing with their dicks in an effort to get hard. As they pumped
their cock shafts, Ross couldn't help but keep peeking over at what Kodi had down his boxers, all the while, Kodi just concentrated
on watching the straight porn. It wasn't long before they were both rock hard, Ross taking the initiative and helping Kodi take off his
boxers, Kodi quickly returning the favor. Both boys grasped each other's stiff dicks and started to leisurely stroke the hard flesh.
Ross couldn't take his eyes off Kodi's cock, likewise, Kodi was captivated by the sight of his hand sliding up and down Ross's cock

A few moments later, Ross had a huge grin on his face as Kodi opened up wide and went down on his dick. Kodi sucked on just the
head of Ross's dick but soon ventured to go deeper with encouragement from Ross via a heavy hand on the back of his head.
Treating the cock in his mouth like it was one of his favorite treats, Kodi teased the very tip with his tongue. There was no doubt
that Ross, panting heavily, was loving every second of Kodi's blowjob. Grasping his own dick in hand, Kodi jerked himself off even
as he licked up and down the long shaft of Ross's dick. Pausing only to take a deep breath of much needed air, Kodi gently slapped
the cock head against his willing tongue. Once it was clear that Ross was able to chisel granite with his hard on, it was time for Kodi
to give up his ass.Both boys got themselves prepared before moving into position; Kodi on his back while Ross knelt in between
Kodi's thighs.

Gripping onto Kodi's calves, Ross worked his cock into Kodi's tight ass, eliciting a hard groan from Kodi once he was all the way in.
Right away, Ross's sedate style of fucking had Kodi panting for more even as Kodi wanked himself off. Going deep with every thrust,
Ross's dick hit just the right spot, making Kodi groan as he experienced both pain and pleasure. While Ross might be the quiet type,
it was obvious he knew what he was doing as he fucked Kodi on a slight angle. Ross pulled Kodi's left leg straight up and braced
himself against it as he started to pound the tight ass hard. 'Oh my god!' moaned Kodi as Ross pulled him all the way onto his thick
cock. Pausing only to help shift Kodi into a slightly different position, Ross banged Kodi's ass without mercy. Soon enough though,
Kodi's toes curled from the overwhelming sensation of feeling Ross's cock slide in and out of his ass. It was only a few minutes later
that Ross decided that Kodi should ride his cock so he sat down in the middle of the couch while Kodi straddled his lap. Slowly, Kodi
impaled himself on the thick dick and once all the way down, he drew his feet up onto Ross's thighs. With Ross's hands on each hip,
Kodi fucked himself with Ross's dick, moaning in pleasure as he rose up and down. It was a difficult position for Kodi and he tired
quickly, thankfully, Ross wasn't slow in picking up the slack. Sliding his hands underneath Kodi's ass, he held Kodi still while he
started to fuck Kodi from below. A slight adjustment of Kodi's feet and Ross was quickly able to pick up the pace, pounding the
tight ass without mercy, all the while, Kodi begged for more.

By now, both Kodi and Ross had worked up a heavy sweat and it wasn't going to be long before they were ready to shoot their loads.
The harder Ross fucked him, the more Kodi liked it, however, Ross soon moved maneuvered them both so that he was spooning
behind Kodi. Without missing a beat, Ross drove his dick home and started fucking Kodi like there was no tomorrow. 'Oh fuck!'
ground out Kodi, his hand flying up and down his cock shaft as he jerked himself off. Though he has barely said a word during the
whole scene, it's obvious that Ross has stamina to spare as his hips pump back and forth.Wanking himself off at a furious rate,
Kodi creamed over his thigh, the cum complimenting his complexion. Pulling out, Ross stripped his dick and unleashed a torrent of
cum over the sofa, Kodi and himself.

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