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Clayton Weaver, Scott Gray

Scott and Clayton are in the studio today. Previously, both of them had only done their solo's but today, they are going to be experimenting with some cock sucking. While Clayton looked like he was ready to roll, Scott looked somewhat terrified at the notion but said that he was alright. Although both boys had only met each other today and despite the nerves, they were getting along with each other just nicely. Standing up, Clayton and Scott stripped off their t-shirts, all the while, I told Scott about Clayton's big cock which had both boys laughing. Their jeans hit the floor next, along with their boxers. Turning around, the two boys showed off their asses to the camera, both having well rounded asses.

Sitting back down as close to each other as they could get, Clayton and Scott wrapped a hand around their cocks and worked on getting hard. Like always, it wasn't long before each boy had a dick pointing straight up. With some encouragement, Scott and Clayton each reached over and took hold of the other one's dick. It was easy to see that neither of them had handled another guy's cock before but they were going to give it their best. Sliding their hands up and down the stiff shaft, Clayton and Scott paused only for a moment to apply some lube as they got used to the feel of another's guys cock. Suddenly, Clayton laughed, saying the handjob was doing in his head as it felt too good, prompting Scott to grin as well. As the boys jerked each other off, you could see a clear difference between their dicks; Clayton was longer but Scott was definitely thicker.

Now, however, it was time to get down to the nitty gritty. I told Scott to go first and without hesitation, he leaned over and slid the long dick in between his straight boy lips. Slowly, Scott bobbed up and down as he got used to the taste of dick in his mouth, all the while, Clayton was relaxing into his first blowjob from another guy. With a wide grin on his face, Clayton had no option but admit that Scott was doing pretty good even as Scott ventured to go down further on the dick. Scott took a quick breather, giving Clayton a few pumps before swallowing the cock back down. As he slid the dick in and out of his mouth, Scott started to jerk himself off. Clayton, obviously enjoying himself, pushed down on the back of Scott's head, encouraging him to go down deeper. When Scott came up for air again, I asked him how it tasted, Scott surprising even himself when he said it was good. Switching things around a little, Clayton got to his feet while Scott slid onto his knees in front of him. Hands on hips, Clayton closed his eyes as Scott slid the dick into his mouth again before bobbing back and forth. Every now and again, Clayton couldn't help but peek down at what Scott was doing with his dick. I asked Scott how far down he could go and not one to shy away from a challenge, Scott was able to get almost all the way down before gagging slightly. As Scott gathered up his courage for a second attempt, I told him to open up wide. Doing as he was told, Scott was able to go further down by a half inch or so before choking again.

Then, it was Clayton's turn to taste the cock. Scott stood up while Clayton slid to his knees. With a tight hold on Scott's dick, Clayton sucked on the very tip, all the while, Scott ran his fingers through Clayton's thick and shaggy hair. It was obvious right away that the thickness of Scott's dick was going to prove something of a problem and Clayton more than likely wasn't going to be able to deep throat it, however, from Scott's expression, Clayton was doing just fine anyway. Taking his own dick in hand, Clayton started to jerk himself off as he got familiarised with the feel of a cock head in his mouth. By now, Scott was panting hard in pleasure and readily admitted that the blowjob was good. The boys moved back to the couch, Clayton immediately going back down on the thick cock while Scott looked like he was in 7th heaven. As Clayton tugged on his cock, I told him to try and cum while sucking Scott off. Only a minute or two later, Clayton shot his load, thick white cum dripping down onto the couch seat. Next, it was up to Scott to show off his money shot. With dick in hand, Scott put in some hard wrist action as he chased orgasm, closely watched by Clayton who played with his own dick. Sure enough, a shot of cum coated Scott's lower stomach before it dribbled into his pubes.

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