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Aj Steele

Today, we have something a little different for our Broke Straight Boys members. Introducing AJ, a fast food worker who is completely broke but has agreed to do a solo jerk off for our members benefit. AJ normally jerks off in a bathroom and as such, we went all out and took him to a nice hotel bathroom so that he would be more comfortable. As he is currently single, AJ jerks off about twice a day but his record for the number of times in one day is a staggering twelve times. Standing up from his seat on the toilet, AJ showed off a buff upper body and I just had to ask how he stayed in shape, AJ answering that he did weights, pushups and used some exercise equipment along with a protein regime. I told him to do some flexes to show off his shapely form, which AJ did with a slight grin on his face.

Now it was time to get down to the nitty gritty. Still clad in his very low slung jeans, AJ turned on the water to the shower. Playing with the water temperature, AJ waited for the water to get just right before he climbed in. Once it was right, AJ took off his jeans, revealing muscular legs and shaved balls as he carefully folded his jeans. Hopping into the water, AJ had a big smile on his face as he relished the hot water flowing over his gorgeous body. As he turned around and flashed a well formed ass to the camera, I just had to pull in for a close up. With slow, luxurious movements, AJ got himself completely wet as he clearly enjoyed being in the shower. AJ, ever so polite, asked if he should soap up his body and I just responded with a 'oh yeah!'

Taking a handful of liquid soap, AJ quickly soaped up his hair before grabbing a bar of soap and started to lather up his smooth body. I got AJ to turn off the water but keep soaping himself up as I zoomed right in for an ultra close shot of him soaping his back. With the bar of soap in his hand, AJ did his upper back, then lower before moving down to his well formed ass, all the while, rivulets of soapy water ran down his back and over his ass. Next, AJ ran the soap over his muscular thighs and worked his way down to his large feet. Now, AJ was all soaped up and clean but suddenly, he remembered he hadn't done his face so AJ quickly lathered up his face. Turning on the water again, AJ started to rinse off the soap lather. As he leisurely rinsed himself off, AJ offered to do a couple of boxing moves, AJ pretending to spar with an adversary, complete with sound effects.

I handed AJ a towel as he was now squeaky clean. AJ made sure to dry every inch of his body, running the towel over his short dark hair before wrapping it around his waist and sitting on the toilet again. As AJ opened up the towel, it revealed that he was as hard as a rock, obviously, the shower had gotten him in the right mood. Wrapping a hand around his thick shaft, AJ ventured into his own private fantasy land as he slowly jerked himself off. Every now and again, he would reach down to roll his tight balls in his hand. AJ is a naturally quiet boy and it was the same as he was wanking off, however, his breathing got louder as the minutes ticked by, a good indication that he was well on the way to cumming. Standing up, AJ was asked if he was having a good time and AJ couldn't help but grin as he said that he was. Turning around and leaning on the bathroom counter, AJ watched himself in the mirror as he leisurely stripped his dick.

As he got closer to his money shot, AJ started to fuck his fist, his hips pistoning back and forth as his cock slid in and out of his tight hand. Almost ready to pop, he was jerking himself off at a furious rate, his hand flying up and down his shaft. Just as he was about to go, I got AJ to stop for a moment and take his hand off his dick so that the BSB members could take a closer look. A moment later, I told AJ to go for it. With that, he grabbed his dick again and wanked off in earnest and was surprisingly vocal as he got closer and closer to cumming. A minute or two later, AJ dribbled cum all over the bathroom counter's marble top.

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