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Kevin Mack, Sam, Reed

We have a special treat for the Broke Straight Boys members today; Sam, Reed and Kevin. These three boys are relatively new to the world of man on man sex and as such, are quite shy even talking about it. However, Kevin had come up with the great idea of him being the filling in a boy sandwich and as the idea was so hot, we decided to go with it. I got the boys to stand up and strip off, articles of clothing flying every which way as they quickly complied. Sitting back down on the futon, Reed, Kevin and Sam all began playing with their dicks as they worked on getting hard. It wasn't long before both Sam and Reed were hard enough for Kevin to test out his oral skills on. Reed stood up on the bed while Kevin, on his knees, immediately slid the hard shaft into his mouth. Only a few seconds into it, and Kevin decided to see just how far down he could go before switching over to Sam's much larger cock. Impressively, Kevin was able to go almost all the way down on Sam's dick. With a cock in each hand, Kevin switched back and forth between the two boys, his blond head bobbing back and forth as he got used to the taste of a dick in his mouth. Every now and again, Sam would help Kevin out by pushing on the back of his head, forcing Kevin to swallow all of Reed's dick. Both Sam and Reed were extra quiet so I asked them how Kevin was doing, Sam just shrugged but with a grin on his face, he said that Kevin was ok. As Kevin showed off some fairly good blow job skills for someone new to such things, he wondered aloud if he should suck on some balls, to which I replied that of course he should. With a little laugh, Kevin lifted up Reed's dick and started sucking and nibbling on his balls before switching back to Sam and doing the same thing. Back and forth Kevin went, treating the two dicks like his favourite candy. It was easy to see that Kevin was having fun, his own dick rock hard, as he swirled his tongue around the head of Sam's dick a moment before showing Reed the same trick. Finally, all three boys were ready for the main event. With a last lick down Reed's cock, Kevin decided that Reed should be first as the size of Sam's dick was clearly worrying him. The boys got themselves ready, Kevin down on his hands and knees with Reed standing behind him and Sam kneeling in front. As Kevin leaned down and swallowed Sam's long dick, Reed slowly worked his dick into Kevin's tight ass. Reed pulled Kevin closer towards him before quickly settling into a steady pace as he fucked the straight boy ass. With a strong grip on Sam's dick, Kevin concentrated on just the head even as he panted from the sensation of being fucked for the first time. Reed couldn't help but stare down as his cock slid in and out of Kevin's once virgin ass, even as Kevin deep throated Sam. Sam was more than ready to fuck a guy for the first time so he and Reed swapped places. As Sam's dick was much bigger than Reed's, he had go a little more carefully as he thrust into Kevin, who was already lavishing Reed's dick with affection. Once in, Sam's hips snapped back and forth as he fucked Kevin's ass. Once Sam had a good rhythm going, I told him to try going balls deep and sure enough, in a deep push, Sam had Kevin groaning around the dick in his mouth as he did indeed get buried balls deep in Kevin's ass. Kevin was soon moaning and panting from the feel of the huge dick sliding in and out of his ass, even as he licked around the head of Reed's cock. As Kevin deep throated Reed and held it for a brief second or two, I suggested Kevin flip over onto his back. Legs up in the air and jerking himself off, Kevin slid Reed's dick back into his mouth as Reed knelt beside him even as Sam slammed his dick back home. Jerking off at a furious pace, Kevin teased Reed's cock by lightly flicking his tongue all around the head. Sam steadily rode Kevin's ass, switching his strokes from deep to shallow every few thrusts and back again. From the look of the boys, it was obvious that they were going to cum soon but not so surprisingly, as Kevin likes some ass stimulation while he jerks off, Kevin shot all over his stomach and chest as he was being fucked. Sam pulled out and started wanking off, Reed doing the same as they raced to the finish line. Sam was next, cum dribbling down into Kevin's pubes while Reed was only a minute behind him, spilling over onto Kevin's chest.

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