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Model Is On The News For Shark Attack Then Does Gay Porn

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Dylan, Nu, Marlin

I brought Dylan in for another shoot, and this time it was for him to try anal for the first time with a guy. His one requirement was that he wanted to be with someone different than Marlin and making some calls I was able to get a hold of Nu. When Nu arrived at the studio I had him wait outside the room, while I started talking with Dylan first. Dylan's nerves were kind of high, and we talked about him being bi-sexual. All in high school, he had girlfriends and sexual experiences with girls, but it wasn't until after that he started becoming curious with guys. Dylan also said that he is very much into sports and in HS he played soccer along with other sports. I explained that the other model that I had paired him up has been with us before, straight, a surfer, and was recently bitten by a shark. Calling out for Nu, he came into the room and took a seat on the couch next to Dylan. Right away, I talked to him about the bite and made him show me the marks on his legs. Nu explained that he spent a couple hours in the hospital getting stitched up, and making sure that he was okay. He was very lucky to be alive and walking around. I found out that Nu has been dating a very hot girl, and still been spending a bunch of his time out in the water rather than out looking for a job. Introducing the two of them to one another, I gave Nu the back story behind Dylan and everything that he is into. Nu said that he was perfectly fine fucking Dylan and making some money doing it. I told the both of them that they would make $800 for doing the shoot, and to get started undressing for us. Before I knew it Nu was completely naked and Dylan had to catch up, and both took a seat on the couch next to each. I asked Nu if he wouldn't mind giving the first blow job, he reached over and took the cock in his mouth. As Nu gave him head, he quickly found the Prince Albert piercing that Dylan had. While Nu was busy using his mouth, Dylan was watching everything that Nu was doing. After a while it was obvious that Dylan was completely turned on, so I interrupted them and told them that Marlin the guy that Dylan wasn't so fond of was outside waiting to come in. I wanted Marlin to get his share at sucking Dylan's dick and when he heard that, Dylan was okay with Marlin joining in. I called for Marlin to come into the shoot room and take a seat on the couch in between the middle of the boys. The two naked boys striped Marlin out of his clothes and got him completely naked. That's when the guys got the sucking train going in one direction with Dylan just sitting there enjoying the blow job. Nu was busy working on getting Marlin's cock to stand straight up. I let the guys go for a while and then had them switch and go in the other direction. One thing that I can say about Nu is that he doesn't just like to sit and do nothing, so he reached all the way over to Dylan's cock to jerk it off. I told the guys that it was clear that they were ready to fuck and to open up the couch into a bed. Marlin was a little shocked and stopped what he was doing. He wanted to make it clear that he would not be taking any dick up his ass. I laughed a little and said no that was going to be Dylan's ass taking two dicks, and when I offered Dylan some more money to take the two dicks he said he was okay with it. This was going to be Marlin's first time fucking a guy, and let alone an ass. I told him to think of the ass as a really tight pussy. Once they were in position, Marlin started to push his monster cock inside Dylan's hole making Dylan a little nervous. I just reminded Marlin to take it easy and work on building up to solid motions of in and out. After he was able to get his cock all the way in, he was able to cause Dylan to moan once in a while. Nu kept Dylan's mouth busy, by making him give Nu head. Dylan seemed to get turned on by getting fucked in the ass, and the fact that the straight, Latin boy liked it. I had the guys switch positions and Dylan flipped over onto his back, and Marlin kept going with the fucking. He got his dick right back in and picked up at the pace he had stopped at. Watching them they all seemed to be turned on, but Marlin seemed to shock Dylan a couple of times by going too deep, too fast. When I asked Nu if he was ready to try fucking, he gave Marlin the chance to keep going for a few more minutes. Dylan seemed a little concerned if Marlin was turned on by fucking his ass. Marlin said that he was and just pounded away. I did stop them at one point to give Nu a chance to fuck Dylan before he was ready to cum. Nu didn't hold back, he started at a fast pace and it was a good thing we don't have any neighbors. Dylan lubed up his cock and started to stroke off while getting fucked in the ass. It was Marlin who shot his load, all over Dylan's upper chest, and it covered Dylan's pec and nipple. The other two guys kept fucking, until Nu got close to shooting his load as well. Then, he pulled out and jerked off very intense, until he shoot his load like a loaded squirt gun all over Dylan from head to dick. Looking at Nu he was sweating like he ran a marathon, but I couldn't let them get too distracted I needed Dylan to shot his load. He was able to pull it off, and came shooting right onto his own stomach. I asked Marlin and he seemed to like fucking Dillon, and would come back for more. All the guys did an awesome job, and were ready to hit the showers and clean off all the cum.

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