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Taz, Shane Blain

Taz, 21, with a great thin build and some muscle tone in his chest, was interested in making some money for a down payment. Taz has a bunch of tattoos and gives off the bad boy attitude. He is straight, and I explained to him that my day was very jam packed and that I have to sometimes make two guys do an interview together so that I can get a lot more people done in a day. After Taz took his shirt off, he whipped out his dick on camera. He was pretty big--nice cock. He jerked off for a while, and then I had him show his tattoos to the camera. Really, I just wanted to see his butt--pretty flat. Huge balls. Shane showed up and took a seat on the couch next to Taz. Without thinking, I asked Shane if he wouldn't mind sucking a little cock. Shane is a true sport and jumped to the task. Taz on the other hand needed a little convincing in the form of dollars. Sitting there, Taz was very uncomfortable as this was his first time. Shane went down on Taz and he sat there for a minute not really showing if he was enjoying it. Then, he said that it was weird but felt good. Taz started to curl his toes to hold himself back. He was enjoying the moment, and I kept complimenting him on being so open-minded. Then, I had them jack each other off, and I had to put a little more money in his pocket to get him to keep doing it. He does it just fine, and I decided to take things just a little bit further to see if he will keep going. I asked him how much his down payment on his house would be and then I told him that we would make that happen. He wanted to know what he would have to do, and I told him that he would just have to fuck Shane doggy-style. Of course, he wanted more $$$. I figured, what the hell. Let's make it happen. This was the most I have ever paid out so far for a straight guy to fuck a guy. Taz put on the condom and Shane had the biggest smile on his face. Shane quickly got on his knees and was ready to go. Taz got behind him and before I knew it he was sticking it in. He commented that it was really tight, and felt great. Taz has an amazing hot body when he is fucking, his abs and chest muscle show a lot. I had Shane flip over on his back, and Taz continued to fuck him. He even jerked him off there for a while. Shane took over, and before we knew it he squirted his load all over his stomach. Taz just kept on going, and slowed down to plow a little deeper. Taz pulled out and started to stroke his cock. He completely lost his hard on and I had to have Shane give him head for a bit to get him hard again. However, Taz took over and before long he shot his load on his stomach. It was very thick and creamy. Taz was very surprising to me in that shoot, and did some things I didn't think he would do. He was very open-minded and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to him calling me back for more work.

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