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Diesal, Dustin, Danny

I brought Danny back after he called me up saying that he was broke again and needed to make some money. I setup a day for him to do a shoot and told him I would work on who he would be working with. Later that week when Danny showed up, I had him start out on the couch and we talked for a few minutes. I explained to Danny that he was really hot to watch getting fucked, so that was my plan for him again. Right away, he wanted to know how much he was going to make, and I just asked him how much he made the last time. When he told me $1000, I told him that I would pay him $1200 this time. That was because I knew what I had in store for him in the shoot. I explained that I was going to bring in Dustin and Diesel, two guys that I knew he had been bonding with off screen. Danny is straight, and has a girlfriend that he doesn't want to find out how he has been making all his money. In a joking manor I told him I would give her a free membership for her liking. Calling the other guys into the room, Diesel was the first one to come in and take a seat. Dustin followed and he was taking his time in joining us. The two of them spoke up and wanted to know what they would be doing, and as soon as I told them I wanted them to fuck Danny. Quickly Dustin said that he already has fucked Danny, but I told him that Diesel hasn't and this was a threesome. Once all three were on board, I asked what they spend their money on. Partying and having a good time was some of their answers, and they told me they went to a strip club together the night before the shoot. I told them to stand up for me and take their shirts off, they all three did and then we got sidetracked laughing and joking around. I had Dustin show his butt crack and when I asked when he was going to bottom, he said never. I told him that we were going to take up a collection to make it happen, and we will just have to see if that day comes around. Until then we will just have to watch this jock fuck. Getting out of the rest of their clothes the guys took a seat on the couch watching the porn that I had on the TV. Dustin had to start making comments about girls and pussy, but I finally got them to get their dicks pretty hard. Starting with Danny I had him suck on Dustin's dick, and then Diesel work on sucking on Danny's dick. Danny was swallowing about half of Dustin's dick at a time, and once Dustin got turned on he thrust his dick into Danny's mouth. Even though Danny is straight, Dustin was still treating him like his little bitch. With a throbbing cock Dustin was ready to fuck and so the guys took their places and were ready to get started. Since Danny has bottomed before, I told him he should be able to take the cock like a champ, and he told me that it never gets easier. Once Dustin was all the way in he started with little movements first and then worked up to going faster. Danny would kind of move away, but Dustin would stay with him. Diesel was up by Danny's head jerking off, and at one point Danny took the dick in his mouth to suck on it to keep him busy while getting fucked. Dustin pounded his ass to get him warmed up for the monster cock that would be coming. Having Danny flip over on his back, I had Dustin continue with the fucking and this was hot to see Danny with his legs up in the air. After a few minutes, I had Diesel take his turn at fucking Danny and he wasn't so gentle in getting his cock in that tight asshole. Moving at a fast pace he fucked Danny good, and I told them to keep going when it seemed like they were slowing down. Danny played with his dick keeping it like half way hard. Dustin was leaning up against the wall jerking off and sooner or later I knew one of them would be ready to blow their load. Danny told me that he was going to cum and when he did, it was hot to see that he could get off from getting fucked. Diesel pulled out and stroked his dick, shooting his load right onto Danny's chest and stomach. The last one to shoot was Dustin who used a lot of lube, but came all over Danny's nipple. They did a great job, and were ready to collect their money, and go get some pizza and beer.

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