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Luke Avery

One of the models referred Luke to call me to see if I would let him come in for a casting couch. I went through my normal drill over the phone asking a series of questions to find out if he was somebody I could use. Once he sent me some pictures, he was very cute, and I wanted to see how well he would do in front of a camera. Giving him a call back we setup a time for him to come into the studio to do a casting touch. Luke said that he was 18, and I called him out on being bi. He has had sex with girls, but nothing with guys yet. There has just been an attraction there while watching porn or being out in public. I walked Luke through how a casting couch worked, and he seemed to be good with it. I had him stand up for me, and he told me some of his stats. Luke stands at 5'8", and weighs 130 pounds. Stripping off his shirt, underneath was a body begging to be licked. His upper body so far was very tan, his chest was smooth, flat, and he was very in shape. When I asked him if he worked out a lot, his response was that he was a gymnast. Something that Luke has been doing for a while and even as he goes through college.

Luke surprised me in that if he was interested in boys, that he couldn't land someone around campus to mess around with. But, he said that he keeps very focused on school, and so it can be hard for him to get a lot of free time. Honestly, it was starting to sound like he was nervous just in having his first encounter with a guy. I asked him about his tattoo, and it was a skater logo that he had done, and was even wearing their shoes. Luke seems to be turned on to the skater boy type of guys. Picking up that he had a little bit of an accent he told me that he was originally from Texas and now lives in south Florida. Keeping the undressing going I had strip down to his underwear. As he was doing so, I asked Luke if he was nervous and he just laughed and said that he was fine. Standing there in his boxers he started to pull and play this his cock on the outside of his boxers to work on getting hard. I had him turn around to see his ass, and with the boxers on I couldn't really tell. However, once they came down, his buns were smooth, perfectly round, and had some dimples in his back. Having him bend forward, I had him spread is cheeks, and I had him keep doing it so that I could get a shot of this virgin hole for the first time.

Getting completely undressed Luke took a seat on the couch, and I pointed out that I would put on some porn and where the lube was. While we were talking he was starting to play with his dick, and I explained to him that he just was going to jerk off to cum now. Once he gets close to shooting his load to give me a warning. Then, after this we would look at matching him up with another guy like we talked about on the phone. He seemed to be fine with everything. Sitting there on the couch it didn't take this young stud long to get hard. He was sitting there pumping his cock that looked to be a good size, and his balls would bounce around a little. Every once in a while Luke would let out a moan and deep breath as he jerked off. Slowly he got more into a laying down position and his one leg went up on the couch. I was glad that he would look directly into the camera, and it showed that he wanted people to watch him jerk off.

Luke kept his legs wide apart and would thrust his hips up into his hand, and would push on the area just below his balls. I could see Luke as turning into a power bottom for sure after watching him. He moved around a lot as he stroked his cock and I just let him do his thing, and as his body got tense I always prepared myself for the shot of him cumming. It took him a while, but he seemed to get in that right position and he let out a warning that he was about to cum. Sure enough he sprayed his stomach, covering it with cum. When he came he made lots of noise, and had such a big load. There would be no way that he could stroke his dick in bed back in his dorm without a dorm-mate finding out. Luke rubbed the cum over his body, and just relaxed as he laid there on the couch. Luke wants to have some experience with a hot guy, and so I hope to bring him back real soon.

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