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Aiden Knox, Jamie Briggs

I had a very busy night planned out and despite careful scheduling, I knew I was going to be pressed for time as I had a couple of new straight guys coming into the studio to do their solo shoots. The first one was Aiden who arrived right on time and as we were going through his paperwork, Jamie, the second guy came early due to light traffic. Due to time constraints, I asked them if they would consider jerking off together and despite some hesitation from both, these straight boys agreed to give it a try. I got them settled on the bed and to get things started, I put on some straight porn. With their clothes off, I was able to take a good look at the guys; both had great bodies, with Aiden being the taller, more muscular one with dark hair while Jamie was dark blonde, had a skinny white boy style with a hint of muscle and glasses. Aiden's huge cock was hard from the moment he was naked, Jamie well on the way to being hard when I suggested that Jamie should give Aiden a hand job. Jamie wasn't impressed with the idea even though Aiden looked like he didn't mind the turn of events too much. With the offer of more money, Jamie reached right over and took that thick cock in hand and started jerking. After a few minutes of watching Aiden getting jerked in hard, strong strokes, I asked him to do Jamie, which he did with no hesitation. Since everything was going so nicely, I thought it was time for some oral action in the scene, and made an offer of $300 each to see these straight boys take cock in their mouths for the first time and despite some bitching from Jamie, they agreed to give it a try. Aiden was shocked when Jamie deep throated him almost instantly, his expression as good as a cum shot and it was obvious he was enjoying a mouth on his cock as pushed down on Jamie's head every now and again. That straight boy was doing such a good job, I had to remind him he would get a turn as well. Aiden, holding his dog tags out of the way, went to work on Jamie's cock, sucking like a complete pro. With Aiden's dick still hard as a rock even as he was hard at work, I wondered if I could get the boys to go all the way and fuck? Both boys objected, Jamie stating Aiden's cock was no small package, and if he was going to do it, he wanted more money. After a quick discussion, they agreed to an extra $400 a piece. Despite Jamie's worry, I could see Aiden was looking forward to fucking him. Jamie lubed himself up and tried to ride Aiden's cock, totally unprepared for the pain of first time penetration, and as such, he asked the camera to be turned off until he was completely seated on Aiden's dick. Once sitting down properly, Jamie set a sedate pace, rocking back and forth on the huge cock and admitted that he was enjoying it. They changed positions, Jamie on his back and legs in the air. Aiden picked up speed, pounding into the straight boy, turned on the tightness of the virgin ass. Jamie was so turned on by the hard fucking, he was moaning and told me he was about to cum. Aiden, on hearing it, pulled out, jerking off furiously until he shot a huge load over Jamie's smooth stomach. Panting, Jamie unloaded over himself, his cum mixing with Aiden's. Both boys were tired from the day's activities and slightly shocked from what they had done for money but were happy with the amount made. I told them they had done a great job and sent them to get cleaned up. I really hope that they will both be back to BSB, hopefully, I might be able to get a repeat performance?

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