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Ricky Daniels

Our newest BSB boy is in the studio ready for his solo scene, and although this isn’t Ricky Daniels’s first time doing porn, he’s still a little nervous as he stands up to undress.  His clothes come off to reveal a fit, toned body, his pubes unshaven and his big balls hanging on either side of his big cock.  He shows off his ass and tattoos before reaching for the lube and kicking off his BSB debut, his strong fingers wrapped tightly around his shaft as he starts to pull on that hanging cock. 

The more he strokes, the harder he makes himself as his dick becomes throbbing and erect, balls swinging below with each pump of his hand.  He slaps his meat against his open palm before lying across the couch, legs spread as he continues to jerk that big dick.  He moans, biting his lower lip as his free hand explores his body, traveling across his smooth skin before stopping to play with his nipple while he other hand keeps a steady pace pulling on that prick.  As he gets closer to busting a nut, his eyes clothes and muscles tense and spasm, pushing out a fountain of hot cum as he comes down from his orgasmic high.  

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